Memorise vocabulary: as fast as possible, as effective as possible.

Less Time

McFugu exploits how your brain memorises by planning your exercises at the perfect moments of ‘almost forgetting’.

Better Results

The result is efficiency: less time, less effort, yet better results.

Less Effort

McFugu learns what you know least, and makes sure you practice this more than the stuff you know.

Vocabulary Only

No grammar, no explanations, no understanding; just plain memorising of the world's most spoken words.

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Why McFugu?
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Why McFugu?

First Few

Obsiquity, magnanimity, and serendipity are beautiful words, but you don't need them to speak English at all. In fact: 85% of everything you ever say in a language are the same 1.000 words, and it's these that McFugu focuses on.

(Did you know that "the" is the most used English word? It alone accounts for 6% of every word ever spoken!)

Worst First, Best Last

Why spend time on words you already know, instead of using that time to learn new words? As you exercise, McFugu's exercise algorithm learns what words you remember well and what words you are still learning, and shifts its focus on the latter. Optimal use of time and memory!

Forgetting Curve

Every repetition extends the time it takes to forget what you have learned. By planning exercises at the optimal times of 'almost having forgotten', McFugu's algorithm ensures maximum retention with minimal effort.



Long story short

We are looking for translators to partner with that will help us produce and maintain language packs, with the intent of selling these internationally. In exchange for this responsibility, we offer a flat fee for every language pack sold that makes use of the respective language.

If this interests you, then read on!

The Job

It's not a constant one, but it's also not a one-time job: we have a database of vocabulary, to which you will add your language (this is most of the work!), and which you will keep up-to-date, if future changes occur. Also, it is a job you can do from home, next to your other endeavours!

The Reward

So long as you stay affiliated, you will receive a flat fee for every language pack we sell that uses your translations.

The Requirements

We are looking for translators that speak English and another language fluently, and that have an understanding of the cultural context in which the respective language subsides. We also want our translators to be adequate communicators, structural in their habits, and at least studying for a University degree of any kind.

The Languages

  • Dutch
  • English
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Icelandic
  • Esperanto
  • (And other European languages)

Business Opportunities

Offer your students custom made language packs through McFugu, get your students discounts, and earn royalties!

Offer your students the opportunity to study more efficient! After sharing with us their required material, we publish a special language pack in your organisation's name, to which all of your students get an exclusive 25% discount. Of every other, non-discounted language pack sold, we offer a share of up to 10% in the form of royalties to your organisation.


Offer your students custom made language packs through McFugu, purchase student accounts, and earn royalties!

If you want more than simply offering your students a discount: we also offer student accounts in bulk that are connected to your language packs. That way, your students don't pay a dime! And the royalties plan is extended to this offer, of course: of every other, non-student language pack sold, we offer a share of up to 10% to your organisation.


Perhaps there are other ways we can help one another!

If you have another suggestion, then we will be happy to hear it. Feel free to contact us and ask!

About Us

Bleiswijkseweg 37c, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

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